Hedge Funds Beat The US Stock Market Index

Hedge Funds have made some small gains throughout the month of February, according to a recent report from Reuters. On average, the gains that hedge funds posted were just enough to beat the US stock market index. However, not all hedge funds had a great month.

In particular, it was the larger funds that took the biggest hits. Although there was an increase of about half a percent, it wasn’t quite enough to recoup the losses from the year so far— January saw a decrease of almost 2.5 percent. However, even this loss was a better result than those incurred by the Stock Index (5.4 percent).

A further breakdown shows the biggest gains came from macro hedge funds (over 1.9 percent), while the heaviest hedge fund losses came from those with investors who are gung-ho about changes in strategy.

But not all major players took a hit— big-name hedge fund Renaissance Technologies had a good month, enjoying gains upwards of 3 percent.